The Ta’lana Twirlers of Blind Bay welcome you to your source for information about our club and club events.

Fun happens when you get a group of people sharing a good time!

Fitness you’ll find in moving to the music while having fun!

Friendship is awaiting you so join us as we dance for fun and fitness!

Visitors are always welcome at Blind Bay Hall on Monday nights.  

The History *Compiled by Trudy Benson

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The present day Ta’Lana Twirlers Square Dance club was started in 1979 at the Shuswap Lake Estates hall. Gordon and Gladys Thompson started it under the name of Estate Squares.

After a couple of seasons, they started lessons and the group outgrew the hall and moved to the new Blind Bay Hall. The first graduation was on Apr.28, 1981; They then called themselves the Ta’Lana Twirlers of Blind Bay.

Gordon and Gladys Thompson retired in 1984 and Ed and Darlene Wagstaff called for a few seasons. Gerry Lander was guest caller for the first Easter Bunny dance at the Sorrento Hall in 1984. When Gerry and Edith retired to Sunnybrae in 1986, he became the club caller until1991. In his later years, he was assisted by Laurie and June New and John Collier. Art and Dot Poirier from Kamloops alternated nights with Laurie New for a couple of years. Laurie New would never see our club without a caller and always helped out. In the fall of 1997 Rene and Joan Bourget, alternated calling with Peter until Christmas. After which, Peter called for the balance of the season, Peter Weel started the 1998-99 season, and then alternated calling with Don Heichert after Christmas. In the 1999-2002 seasons Don Heichert and Peter Weel called for our club. In the 2002-03 season, Don Heichert and Donelle Draper called for our club. In the 2003-04 season Donelle Draper called for two weeks and we would have a guest caller on the third week. In 1994 Peter and Carolyn Weel moved to Celista and soon became our club caller.

Fred Adams started cuing round dancing in 1986. When Carolyn Weel moved here in 1994 and she helped out. In the fall of 1998 Mariann Sanford joined the team and has remained our Round Dancer Cuer to present day.

With the use of the square dance candlelight service for graduation, we have added new members for many years. We have also had the fortune of having retiring people, who have danced with other clubs, joining us and with them, bringing new ideas.

In 1984 the club started a tradition of having an Easter Bunny Dance on Easter Monday, at Sorrento Hall with a special guest caller. Our mainstream level dance is always well attended by dancers from near and far.

In the spring of 1985, Audrey Rinas designed our colorful club badges and a club banner with the same idea.

The club joined the Thompson Valley Square Dance Association in the fall of 1985.


The Legend

Legend has it that "Ta'Lana" is a huge bear with long silky hair and a tapering snout. It supposedly lives in sub-subterranean dens in the Shuswap Lake, and may, so the story goes, be seen in reflections in Blind Bay around and near Copper Island.